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Welcome to my GitHub pages! In here you will find applications that I like to share with the world, part of my personal projects or coding exercises. My hope is to share examples to help other developers learn or compare notes. I never consider myself an expert, as software technologies is an ever-changing world. Nevertheless, by sharing the way I came to a solution, it can spark new ideas for the next generations.

In the GitHub community, Opensource code is a strong philosophy about collaboration and learning by "doing things". This is connected with the “Makers” movement in many parts of the world. Chris Anderson, founder of 3D Robotics, expressed in his book, “Makers” the new industrial revolution: “Computing and Communications are also ‘force multipliers’, doing for services what automation did for manufacturers” (@2012, ‘Makers’ the new industrial revolution). OpenSources is a force to keep us improving every day.

The projects ideas shared within these GitHub repository are inspired by the philosophy of Opensource and Makers.

About me

My name is Armando A. Pensado and I have been a software engineer for many years now. Long time ago, I became fascinated with the human intellect capable to find new and better ways of doing things. I have always been attracted with science and technology, looking to learn new concepts that can be used to create real-world solutions.

Armando A. Pensado

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